Black (Light) Friday – Identifying Malodours

You would think in an enclosed space like a washroom, identifying where a smell comes from would be easy?  Well not so.  Identifying the source of any bad smell is key to the remedial action needed to resolve the issue. Here is how we do it.

  1. Urinals.  The usual suspect is urinals which are partially blocked or have reduced water flow.  If the water flow is too low then there is no liquid air lock to prevent smells backing up the waste pipe.  The solution is to insert a proper waterless urinal trap and service it regularly OR increase the water flow to ensure that there is an air trap being created. One of these solutions is more environmentally responsible but both work.
  2. Floor drains.  Many washrooms have open drains which may or may not have some form of trap to prevent smells rising from the waste tank or drain.  This needs a bit of expertise to resolve but your local plumber or washroom specialist should be able to resolve by inserting a trap of some description.
  3. Black Light.  You may think that your cleaner is doing a good job but

urine stain black light

black light allows us to use CSI technology to identify bodily fluids – which luckily for us are florescent under certain frequencies of UV light.  By identifying where the uric acid is building up you can ensure that the cleaning schedule is adjusted to minimise the odour causing bacteria.  The way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use a ‘biological’ washroom cleaner – We recommend Delphis Eco Bio Washroom Cleaner. This will create a barrier that stops the uric acid from clinging to the surface and lets the clever little microbes in the product to eat away at any uric acid crystals leaving a pleasant smell. Black lights can also identify Scorpions and Bed bugs (too much information?).

Air Fresheners are do not resolve odour issues but mask ‘temporary’ odour issues that you get in the washroom area.  Odour neutralisers or citric fragrances work best, in our opinion, but really the fragrance that works best is an individual choice and will only work if the washroom facility is clean functioning properly.  People smells we can do nothing about. If your timing is bad – just find another toilet!

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