“The Last Sheet” – there’s nothing worse in the toilet…..

In the commercial washroom environment it is not quite the same as popping down to the local supermarket to choose which toilet paper to buy.  In the supermarket all toilet paper is designed to fit the same delivery system, a domestic toilet roll holder.  In the Commercial washroom space there is a lot more to consider and it is important to consider several factors before deciding which system works best for your business type.

Users – staff, visitors, both? 

Knowing how much paper you will actually use will go a long way into helping decide what system you need.  Your supplier should be able to advise you on how much paper you will use and what sort of stock levels you will need to ensure you never get caught short.  In an office environment the building will use approximately 800m of toilet paper per employee per annum but add onto that visitors and seasonal staff and the number could change.

Cleaning schedules – how often are your toilets checked?

Getting into a cubicle to find no paper is one of the worst scenarios out there, whether at work, visiting a business or venue.  So how often are your toilets checked and how do you ensure that paper never runs out?  Well again advice from your washroom service provider will be invaluable.  It is imperative that the system you install will hold sufficient paper to manage between service or cleaning visits.   It may be a false economy to have a system that someone physically has to check 4 times a day when a better system may only need checked once a da.003

Waste and hidden charges

Many systems if not fit for the location will induce added waste.  Jumbo toilet rolls by their very nature always need to be changed out before they are finished.  This excess paper left on the roll invariably is thrown out or left to fall on the floor and become useless.  Alternatively, systems that don’t restrict usage can cause excess toilet paper being used and subsequently create blockages.


Aesthetically pleasing may not be robust enough to deal with wear and tear associated with high traffic locations.  The decision to have beautifully designed toilet roll holders or chunky stainless steel depends on your business type and your budget. ‘Beauty is in the size of the holder’.

Cost – nothing is for nothing.

Should your supplier offer dispensers for free be very cautious – these have to be paid for somehow and this invariably will be by the paper company who once you have them, you can’t get paper to fit unless you buy the expensive option.

All of that and I haven’t even mention 1ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, super soft, etc.  In the commercial space I would recommend a decent quality 2 ply.  Preferably with either a Nordic Swan or Eco Label certification to ensure that it is sustainably sourced.   In the UK we spend over £1.1billion per annum on toilet paper.   It is a huge market where 99% is flushed down the drain, a sobering thought.


One thought on ““The Last Sheet” – there’s nothing worse in the toilet…..

  1. Rosemary Armstrong October 27, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    Who knew that Toilet Paper could get so complicated… good job you know what you are doing..


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