The Holidays are coming – part 1

Christmas is nearly upon us and the toilet or washroom area can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.

Therefore I am going to concentrate in this blog on the hospitality sector who will have already placed orders for food, drink and organised staff rotas, etc.  Of course the same goes for consumables for the toilets and most decent washroom or janitorial businesses will give their customers a call to ensure that they have sufficient stocks and are well aware of delivery dates over the busy spell.

After saying all this, we still get calls from businesses that have been let down over the festive period and need an emergency service call or delivery of something essential.  So for all the bars, restaurants, hotels destination venues that rely on this important time of the year here is my Christmas list for you.

  1. Stock up! Washroom consumables never go out of date so ensure you have enough to get you to the 6th of January.  Courier companies always have a back log post Christmas so deliveries can be delayed just when you need them most.
  2. Use space saving systems so stocking up doesn’t mean you lose an office. See previous blogs on foaming soap and toilet paper
  3. Increase toilet checks. Toilets need more frequent checks when you are busy – don’t rely on a customer to tell you when something is wrong.
  4. Try to build in at least one extra ‘clean’ during the day. Using a biological washroom product will reduce smells and a build-up of organic material.
  5. Act on a problem. If a urinal is blocked don’t just put it out of use and wait until January to fix. If one goes, others get used more and this exacerbates the issue so get someone in to fix it.
  6. Ensure you have an emergency contact list that includes your Plumber, Electrician, Supplies and Services and let staff know where it is.
  7. Check with your service company when they will be in over the festive period. And make sure they stick to it. It’s important to your business – it should be to theirs.
  8. Set up a donations jar. Christmas is a time of giving so why not ask customers when they spend a penny to make a donation to a worthwhile cause such as Toilet Twinning or a local homeless charity.

In next week’s WC I will talk about the issues regarding the other extreme – those toilets that are discarded for two weeks and left cold and dark and what you can do to ensure there are no nasty surprises when you return from the Christmas Break.

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One thought on “The Holidays are coming – part 1

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