Should we pay for public toilets?

Public Toilets – Free or Pay for the Service

I have already written several times about public toilets and the provision of them.  Whilst in Auchterarder today I thought I would pop in and have a look. Yes the place is a bit dated but overall the toilets were clean and had a pleasant fragrance. There was paper towels available and two (very old) hand dryers.

Auchterarder Public Toilet

Were the facilities ‘world class’?  Not really, were they worth the 30p entrance fee?  Well if I was desperate I am sure that I would have happily paid.  Did the 30p cover the wages of the attendant sitting in the booth and handing me and little orange ticket?  Probably not.

So here is a thought, especially for Perth and Kinross Council but appropriate for most councils.  Why not remove the need for a permanent attendant and implement an honesty box?  Yes, have someone to open and close the toilets as well as clean, check and restock but why not let the public pay what they see fit.   Maybe I am too generous in my opinion of people but I think that many folk would pay a little more if the place is clean, tidy and smells pleasant.  Any money made could be reinvested in things such as decent hand dryers and heaters as well as maintenance and repairs.

Having great public toilets is essential.   Scotland has a massive tourist industry and providing easily accessible and well maintained public toilets go a long way to supporting that industry.   An added bonus is that many smaller businesses locally enjoy additional footfall when a weary traveller decides to take a break.

Any comments gratefully received.

2 thoughts on “Should we pay for public toilets?

  1. Jack Taylor March 13, 2017 / 10:31 pm

    Hello Mr Toilet Man! Short time reader, long time toilet enthusiast. During a recent spat with a close friend (who happens to be LGBTQASERHGD+, but this this aint no hate crime Mr Trump!!) anyway, i say “friend” lightly, as I was shocked to discover that she believed that a toilet ‘bowl’ was called… A TOILET BASIN HAHA LOL, could you imagine my shock? However just wanted to get your input on this, she insists it at least used to be called as said, has it ever been professionally addressed as a toilet basin? or is this just a simple blunder on her part? thanks, cant wait to here back soon! -Jack


    • toiletexpert March 14, 2017 / 11:27 am

      Hi Jack. Toilet bowl or toilet pan are words used for the actual toilet. I am unaware of any regional variations (that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t). In my professional experience the only time ‘toilet basin’ is used is to refer to the sink found in the toilet for washing hands.

      The toilet Expert


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