Small can be beautiful.

8 Tips to make the smallest toilet professional

Dawson Lounge Dublin and small toilets

Recently I was in the smallest bar in Dublin.  Although the bar was tiny, the toilets were reasonably sized. But not every business has the luxury of large spaces for toilets and in many cases one toilet will be used by all staff and customers alike.

So what can be done to make a small toilet look ‘professional’?

  1. Make sure there is a sign on the door many small businesses just don’t bother!
  2. Get rid of any carpets or mats around the toilet. These are only (just) acceptable in a domestic environment but not in a professional one.
  3. Install a sanitary bin: these can be fitted in the smallest of toilets and will reduce embarrassment and prevent blockages.
  4. Try to get consistency in the dispensers having a matching soap, toilet roll and paper towel dispenser.
  5. Do not use linen (domestic) towels. Use paper and have a waste paper bin in the toilet or alternatively install a hand dryer.
  6. Use a cleaning product that has a light fragrance (not bleach or pine disinfectant) heavy fragrance gives the impression you are masking smells as opposed to a ‘clean’ smell.
  7. Clean the toilet, sink and surfaces EVERY day.
  8. Use an air freshener that reflects your business.  A  hotel or guest house may use a fresh linen for example.

It is safe to say that all businesses are reflected by their toilets from 5 star hotels to the smallest accountancy office.  The impression you give visitors is important and great toilets can make or break a decision on whether to recommend or indeed come back for another visit.

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