5 Questions you should ask before contacting a local washroom service company | The Toilet Expert

It doesn’t happen every day but I am regularly told when discussing washroom needs – “Waste of time, why should I pay someone to do something I don’t need?”

Which is a fair point, as I love to cut my own hair, change the brake pads on my car as well as process my own Kebab meat and bake my own bread – you get the point.

As a business owner I regularly have to use the following flow chart.  It applies as much to washroom services as it does to any product or service your business might need.

Let me look at some of these questions from a Washroom perspective.

Do I need It?

The real answer is dependent on how your local EHO interprets the legislation and guidance.  The guidelines that we tend to work with is whether, as a business, you generate more than 25Kg of ‘offensive’ waste over a 12 month period.   Some authorities use a % of waste: for example if the offensive waste that your business generates is more than 10% of your total generated waste, it must be separated from the general waste stream and disposed of by a registered carrier.  This is certainly the case with Care Homes, children’s nurseries, indoor play centres, family venues, motorway service stations, doctor’s surgeries, dental practices, some beauty therapy centres, etc.

However a greater risk for many small businesses,  especially cafes, restaurants and bars is sanitary waste being flushed down the toilet because of a lack of an appropriate means of disposal.   This can cause blockages and one call out from a plumber is a lot more expensive than a single sanitary bin installed onsite.  For example our sanitary bin service starts as low as £75 per year depending on location,  number of units, service frequency (13 visits included at this price)and type of bin that you are after (Click here to get a quote).  In comparison to a plumber or emergency drain clearage charge it’s a pretty low cost – £1.44 a week approx.

Can I afford it?

I suspect most businesses can.  However larger businesses can offset the cost if they think a little out of the box.

Every business needs to buy toilet paper and soap and either buy hand towels, launder linen towels or buy/rent a hand dryer.  By sourcing these products from your local washroom company there could be considerable time and money savings which invariably would cover the cost of a sanitary bin.  If you have urinals at your business, the installation of a water management system could save £100’s if not £1000’s of pounds which again could offset any washroom costs.

It’s another great reason to go to a local supplier who will not only rely heavily on referrals but also their reputation within the local business community.  A quote is free and if you are unsure, have a look at my washroom services company guide for an alternative opinion.

Do I enjoy doing it?

If we were discussing telesales, social media, delivering orders, cold calling, etc.  I am sure there are aspects of every business that some of us enjoy enthusiastically (I actually enjoy blogging more than servicing sanitary bins believe it or not).

I have yet to find any company that likes or has staff that like dealing with emptying the sanitary bins or cleaning the urinals for that matter.

So why not source out something you don’t enjoy doing to someone who is paid and trained to do it?

Can I do it myself?

If you are a small business then you may be able to do it yourself.  The issue with most businesses is that they invariably run out of something, soap, toilet paper, and then end up buying ‘emergency’ supplies from the local supermarket.  A pump action liquid soap is maybe 3 or 4 times more expensive than a wall mounted foaming soap unit and a foaming soap unit will last 10 times longer which means you will run out less often.

Have I got the time?

If your business is like mine the one thing you don’t have in abundance is time.  Time poor is a common complaint of most business owners.  But if you do have the time and don’t have the money – crack on.  If you have the time but maybe not the money at the moment, stick a note in your diary to review the situation in 3 months’ time.   Then get a couple of local businesses competing for your business. Trust me, the simplest of service options won’t cost the earth.

There you have it.  5 questions you should ask yourself probably for any service or product your business requires but especially for washrooms.

Remember sharing is caring so please like this article shareand mentiontoiletexpert.   Any comments most welcome and if you would like to get a quote for your washroom services just drop me a message


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