Children’s Toilets

Why Children;s washrooms need a new look | The Toilet Expert

In this section I shall focus on issues around planning and managing toilets specifically for Children or businesses with a higher proportion of child visitors.  in the UK 17.6 % of the population are under 14.    There is a real phobia with younger children in washrooms.  We have been supplying the children’s washroom sector for 8 years and have made some real inroads.

One of the biggest changes over the last couple of years has been the introduction of colours into the washroom environment – long overdue since pioneered by Dutch manufacturers Vendor BV.   I have written my first post on this blog here. This focuses on hand dryers and touches on foaming soap.  I plan to look at all aspects of the washroom from design to heights of sinks, urinals and toilets, I will name the good, bad and ugly – in my opinion. I also plan to crete the definitive resource on baby changing rooms – Jamie Oliver take note – YOU DO NOT NEED 95dbA hand dryers where under 2’s are getting their nappy changed – crazy design! Anyway I will name and shame and hopefully someone somewhere will find the information useful.

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