1. Who are you? A: Its not too hard to find out!
  2. How can I find what I’m looking for? A: Scroll down for the search bar or click on the magnifying glass top right of the homepage.  Another way to find what you looking for is to scroll down to Categories and search for a specific subject.
  3. How can I ask a general question? A: Click on ‘comment’ and ask away I will do my best to respond and will do privately where appropriate
  4. How can I ask a specific question? A: Again post it in a comment section relevant to the post/page.
  5. Do you only comment on commercial and public toilets? A: we specialise in the ‘away from home’ market which covers all toilets, equipment and services in that market Not domestic.
  6. I have a domestic toilet issue can you help? A: No but I can recommend a plumber.
  7. Can you visit a site to give advise?  A: Yes within reason there may be a charge dependent on location.
  8. Where is the best toilet in the world? A: The nearest one, when you need to go.
  9. Do you do public speaking on this subject? A: Yes, I am happy to talk on washrooms, washroom design, hygiene, children’s hygiene, hand washing, sustainability in the hospitality sector and I have also written editorial for trade and industry press.
  10. Do all toilets have to smell? A: No

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