Anyone for Golf?

Golf Club

Check your washroom services contract

Spring has come at last.  Greenkeepers across the land will be rolling the greens, clearing the twigs out of the bunkers and spreading the fertilizer/weedkiller across the fairways.

Golf Clubs, like many seasonal business will be starting to see their visitor numbers rise, and so clubs across the land should be looking to replace the broken hand dryer, dripping tap or other piece of equipment which has not been quite as important over the winter when ‘just’ the members are using the club.

Why the interest in Golf Clubs?  Well, as a golfer, I see these issues at my club not just this year but last year too, and try as I might to save them a few pounds they really aren’t interested as there are always more important stuff to do during the winter and by spring it’s often too late to plan properly so quick fixes are sought.

For those of you in a golf club, bowling club or similar does this sound familiar?  What many golf clubs (and other sports and social clubs that have a committee) don’t realise is that they have probably been in a washroom supply contract for several years and, like utilities and banking , you really should shop around and make sure you are getting a good deal every now and then.  (visit to find a local registered independent washroom supplier)

Bowling Club

Recently I saw a vending machine that was still dispensing products  for 20p.  The average item in a washroom vending machine costs 60-70p so that gives you some idea how long that piece of equipment has been on the wall.   In my estimation 25 years plus.

All the national washroom service companies will put their prices up at least once a year.  If you read the small print, which I am sure all my readers do, you will see that the wording is along the lines of ‘can increase the price at any time without notice’. The issue here is that these letters are sent into Clubs and associations who accept it as the committee may be completely different from the previous year and although they will get round to it is the start of the busy season and they will look into it in November.

So whether you are a Golf Club, Social Club or other type of members club, please don’t keep putting if off or burying your head in the bunker.   Get your contract out and you may get your whole washroom upgraded for less than you currently are paying for shoddy equipment.